It is the first weekend of the New Year and I could not be more excited start 2018! I’m sure many of you have made some resolutions and have set some goals for 2018 as you should! Now is the perfect time to reassess last year and to set new bars and goals for yourself. 

Maybe some of your goals this year include to purchase new properties, remodel some rooms in your home, travel more, understand the nuances of real estate, to be kinder to others, save more money, etc. etc. I have done some research on some of the more popular resolutions people set for themselves and have added a few tips on how to successfully attain these goals. Let’s tackle 2018 together!

A common resolution I hear people always mention is to get in shape and be healthier. It can be easy to find a diet that might give quick results but the trick here is to find a balance that is long term. Cooking more meals instead of eating out is another way to reach this goal. Many gyms also offer deals at the beginning of the year so make sure to check out your local LA Fitness, Equinox, Gold’s Gym, or any other gym that might be around you to check out the deals. 

Something that not only comes in handy for real estate but for life in general is to stop procrastinating. Once you get used to your procrastination its hard to snap out of it. So start this year focusing on way not to procrastinate. Write lists of things you need to do and instead of binge watching a season on Netflix or just lunging, go out and get whatever you need to get done. 

And lastly earn more money. I think it’s safe to say that money is a big thing on peoples mind in 2018. Let’s be honest, we could all do with a little extra income, am I right? Fortunately there are a lot of options, especially when taking real estate into consideration. It’s possible to have side jobs or work as a freelancer in something too. The internet is an amazing place to find whatever you need to make some extra money but don’t underestimate the power of real estate and what kind of income it could bring you! 

While I’m sure your list goes on and on, I hope you found those pieces of advice useful and I’m wishing you all a successful and happy 2018!