Today, October 16, is National Boss Day and how better to celebrate it than to go through a few tips of what it takes to be a good boss! 

I’m sure we all have experienced different types of bosses. Sometimes bosses can be intimidating or critical, making the work experience tense or stressful. There are also bosses that can inspire and motivate. Bosses who are a part of the team instead of only giving direction. Those bosses have certain routines that are unique in motivating their workers around them. 

Maybe, you are at a point in your life that you have had bosses in the past but now you are your own boss. Good for you! But just because you are a boss, does not mean that you should stop learning or drowning, oh contraire! You can always continue to learn on how to improve and how to be a leader. 

There are some things that I have been able to compile based both on my experience of being an employee and then becoming my own boss that I would love to share. 

First, I believe that communication and setting clear examples is critical. If you are a boss, you should be clear in identifying the tasks that you want your employees to be doing from the start and communication should be able to flow both ways. If you have a boss, I encourage you to ask your boss if you are unclear about certain aspects of your job or if you want more responsibility, to go ask dulcetly from the boss. This is to say that this will be an easy or immediate process, again, bosses can be intimidating, but then on your end you have shared what’s on your mind and opened the door to open communication. 

It is also essential for a boss to be providing feedback while at the same time recognizing efforts that have been put forth. A boss is typically someone with either more expertise, knowledge, or time working in a certain area, again there can be exceptions to those, but listen to the feedback your boss gives you. Hopefully, their intention is to steer you in the right direction and moving forward. If you are a boss, I would recommend to be wise with your feedback and to verbally acknowledge the effort your employees put into a project or assignment. It feels awesome to feel appreciated. 

Unfortunately, there seems to be a stereotype that bosses can sometimes be lazy and simply pass the work off to others. While we should all be striving to be at the top of our careers, whatever career it might be, it is important that a boss also be a leader. Work hard and show others your diligence. It will get you further than you can even imagine! 

The list goes on and on about what it takes to be a boss, a mentor a leader. If you are a boss, from being the team member of 5 or 500, I encourage you to try something new this week in how you lead and act as a boss. Get to know your employees, research some potential resources that can help them, ask them if there is any problems or issues they need addressed in the workplace. And if you are moving on your way up, utilize your boss as a tool and as someone to learn from. 

Happy national boss day! 

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