A Heavy Heart

I apologize as this post is a little off my regular schedule but with work, the balance of daily life, and the event’s that have been going on, I have been so heart broken and so very much in my head. 

As I’m sure almost all of you know, on September 20, Hurricane Maria hit the Island of Puerto Rico and brought about widespread destruction and disorganization. Even to this day, many of those living in Puerto Rico are without electricity and without water. The storm itself was a massive Category 5 when the center struck Puerto Rico and the rain and storm lasted for more than 30 hours. Experts have been calling what has happened in Puerto Rico to be a catastrophic event and not only a disaster. The fact that this hurricane was able destroy infrastructures and roads, damage that will time to sort through and rebuild, is why they have been calling this hurricane as a catastrophic event. It has been reported that some of the roads in damaged areas are almost impossible to tell which roads have been affected and closed off and which ones are still open because of the damage that has been done. 

On September 20, Hurricane Maria makes landfall around 6 in the morning. In the first day alone, Puerto Rico saw 30 inches of rain in one day. On that same day that the storm hits, it takes away almost all of the power to the entire island and officials report that roughly 80 – 90% of the structures of San Juan have been damaged. The death count has risen to 34 people and there is still a large majority of the island that does not have electricity or running water. The island is still struggling and the act of rebuilding will not be something that comes easy. Events like these can take months of even years for the areas to rebuild but I know that Puerto Rico is strong and that they will rebuild. 

If you have not donated yet and can, you can donate here  o or you can find other organizations, there are so many great ones, to contribute to. 

Then rewind to just a week ago and the United States experienced the worst mass shooting to happen on American soil in Las Vegas. A city of lights, and dreams, and life and celebration was described as a war zone. My heart was heavy and broken for the families who lost a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a wife, a husband, a son, or daughter, or any other loved one. It is impossible to not feel affected an discouraged by such disgusting and cowardly behavior from another human being. What happened was pure evil and difficult to fully comprehend. Sheriff Lombardo reported that 59 innocent lives were taken and 527 people have been shot or injured. This numbers are heartbreaking and on top of all of the natural disaster has made it difficult to find peace at night. Among all this chaos is it important to come together in this hectic time, to not only unite as Americans but to unite as human beings living together on this planet. I pray that in this darkness we may find peace and a light. 

If you can donate to the families of the Las Vegas victims, you can donate here. 

In moments like these, I have been able to find solace in peace in family and friends that mean everything. These moments should remind us to always be prepared and ready for anything that might happen or change in an instant. To have things in order and to have faith. I apologize for the somber tone but I have been in a somber mood. The best thing to do now is to be appreciative of all that we have and everyone we have with us. May you all have a blessed and productive week. 

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