Benefits of Switching Over to Solar Panels

The days are getting warmer and warmer here in Los Angeles and as I look around, spring is in full effect. But are you taking full advantage of the suns rays? And no, I don’t mean working on your tan…I mean do you have solar power panels on your roof? Here are my reasons why you should seriously consider making the shift of putting those panels up on your house.

Aside from going green and helping in the process of slowing down global warming, switching to solar panels can save you money, money, money. In 2011 it was projected that people living in the state of California could save up to over $30,000 over the course of twenty years!


Another benefit that solar energy has is that it is reliable. Annie was right in that ‘The sun will come out tomorrow” and the next day and the next day. While clouds and rain are a little less predictable, they have been able to have reliable seasonal and daily projections. And here in sunny southern California there is not that much to worry about when it comes to the sun shinning down on us.

Solar panels are actually made up of smaller units called photovoltaic cells (PV). Photovoltaic just means that these cells convert sunlight into electricity. Thus installing these panels on your roof would in turn lower your electric bills. Many people worry about the cost of installing these panels but don’t let installation costs prevent you from installing these bad boys. Solar purchase power agreements and solar leasing has made it possible for homeowners to go solar for little or no money down. A route that you can chose to go down is the “pay-as-you-go” option. This would mean that a third party owns the solar system and would take care of installation, maintenance, and repairs and you would simply pay for the electricity.


Another huge benefit is that it can increase the value of your home. When people see solar panels, to them it translates as lower electricity costs, thus increasing the homes attractiveness when it is on the market.

It is also a long term investment that you wont have to worry about. Many manufacturers offer a twenty or twenty-five year guarantee on the panels and then after the twenty-five-year mark, they guarantee 80% performance.


Solar panels will help you decrease your carbon footprint, help you save thousands of dollars, and increase the value of your home. Win. Win. Win.

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