How to Make the Most of Your Outdoors 

Let’s face it, there are some properties that have massive spacious yards and patio areas while others might be limited to a small patch or almost nothing at all. Not to worry! Here are some tips on how to make the most of your outdoor space. 

Let’s start with the walkway, since that’s the first thing your visitors and guests will be seeing. A way to brighten up a walkway is to add edges and borders to it. You can align shorter plants, flowers, or if you are trying to conserve water (which we all should be), a few cacti in rocks around the edges instead of grass. However you decide to add borders, it adds a fun contrast to the walkway and adds a sense of texture to your entrance. Walkways and edges are also great when illuminated at night! 

One of the coolest patio features that I’ve seen a friend have was a Murphy Bar. A Murphy Bar is a great option if you don’t have a lot of space but still want to entertain! It folds up into a wall and you can use it for storage when it’s up and a table when it’s down! And don’t worry about losing a sense of style, there are so many cute ideas floating around on Pinterest! Here is one of my favorites that I found on there. 

Another great idea, whether you are limited in space or not is to have hanging planters or a wall garden. Hanging planters can come in handy in an apartment type of space. You might only have a small balcony and don’t want to clutter the floor with chairs, tables and plants, so in this type of situation, I would recommend getting outdoor hanging planters. You can get creative and have planters that overflow or neat and symmetrical plants. A wall garden is another great idea on how to bring that touch of green. There are lots of “do it yourself” types or you can get one to install that’s pre-made. 

People either are very for or against faux grass and let me tell you, I understand some of the reasons why people might be against it BUT I have seen it done tastefully and look great! It’s all about how you style it and what you pair with it. Not all spaces will benefit from adding a splash of faux grass but what I’m suggesting is to consider it for you and if it works in your space, then rock it! 

Those are a few fun ways to play around with your outdoor areas. Feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss more tips ands ways to decorate. I would love to hear from you. Email me at so we can get connected.