Live in Color – Echo Park

Live in Color: Echo Park  

I have a friend who works for Beats by Dre, the luxury headphone company and she was telling me about a campaign that Beats was about to launch. The campaign is called “Live in Color” and it’s aim is to highlight different areas and neighborhoods from all over the world. 

They selected a person or group to be representative of that area, they interviewed them about their work and their careers, they asked about the neighborhood that they live in, and they launched new colors for headphones and speakers to go along with it. I thought this to be an interesting campaign idea and she told me that they elected a creative director from Germany, a Chinese rap group, a Japanese duo, an artist from France and a make up artist and model named Matisse from Echo Park! 

I couldn’t believe it! Echo Park! Right here in our neck of the woods. The color that is associated with Matisse and Echo Park is a beautiful Brick Red and Matisse is shot throughout the entire city. She is asked questions such as “Do you think Echo Park has a sound? What is it?” to which Matisse  responds, The old and the new colliding. The sound of a fresh pressed juice and a 40 oz being cracked open. Cities are a marker of time, not a place. Five years ago it sounded completely different – more romantic and in slow motion.” 

I find it so fascinating that Beats decided to future Echo Park in their campaign. That only confirms and reaffirms the cool factor that this neighborhood is beginning to see. I mentioned in a few blog posts ago, the newest additions to Echo Park and some of the historical landmarks, such as the park, that have been iconic to Echo Park. More and more new young artists and people from all over the Los Angles area are recognizing this not so hidden gem.  

Now would be the time to jump in and rent or purchase a new place in Echo Park. Though it’s starting to get more recognition, it will only continue to rise, and as recognition rises so will the prices. Jump in and get them while they’re hot! Feel free to comment in the section below or to email me at so we can get going!