Quick Design Tips

Quick Design Tips

In real estate, you don’t need to know about design but trust me, it helps so much. Here are some tips from designers that can help you in your process of either designing your home or a property that you are about to rent out. 

1. Start with your own color scheme. 

Make sure that you know what colors and the certain themes of color that you want for the space that you are working in. Chose a tone and then work with it. Let your creativity flow! 

2. Put certain pieces front and center. 

If there are certain pieces that you buy that you are absolutely obsessed with, show them off! Put a coffee table you’ve been eyeing in the middle of the room, center that art piece that you dropped big bucks on, have that mahogany table take center stage!  

3. Give the windows some color. 

Don’t underestimate the power of colorful blind and curtains! Adding a bit of color to your windows adds a little pop to the room!

4. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors. 

If space is an issue, place a mirror along the wall of one of the rooms to open the space. Be sure not to place mirrors everywhere though….we don’t want a mad house. 

5. Splurge on a comfy couch! 

There is nothing worse than arriving at someone’s home or apartment, grabbing a drink before catching up with an old friend, and then plopping down on an uncomfortable couch. There are so many couches out there that are stylish and comfy. Make sure you sit down for a while on it before pulling the trigger. 

6. Think of the ceiling. 

The ceiling is often a part of the room that often forgotten but painting the ceiling a slightly different shade then the rest of the room actually opens the room up. Also don’t forget that you can hang certain things as either decor, a chandelier for example, or for storage, for example a rack hanging from the kitchen ceiling to hold pots and pans. 

7. Have your tableware mix and match. 

It’s fun and it’s funky. Design does not always have to be perfect and aligned. Grab tableware with similar tones, themes, and colors, but having the variety stands out and people will notice more! 

8. Pile on the pillows! 

This is the easiest and personally I think the funnest one! Everyone loves pillows and adding some to different beds or coaches adds another dimensional layer to the room. Just don’t go overboard! 

9. Glass. Shower. Doors. 

This is essential for bathrooms. In my own opinions they look sleek and stylish. Though a they are common, you can be sure to add a gold or silver accent to the door to add a little pizzaz! 

10. Bar in plain sight.

Have fun with this one. They now have rolling carts where you can place small mini bars or you can have one built right in the kitchen. However you set up your bar, make sure it is one of the noticeable accents of the house. There is so much to do with a bar, the g;asses the bottles, the set up! 

Cheers! Hope those tips gave you a little insight and a little help!