Some Interior Design Tips

Some Tips on Interior Design 

This past weekend was one of my good friends birthdays. She lives in San Fransisco and since I couldn’t make the trip up this weekend, I called her and sent her a bottle of wine over the weekend. When we talked on the phone she filled me in about her new job and all the new projects that she is working on. See my friend is and interior designer and only a few months ago she started at a new agency. She tells of stories of her off the script boss and of the clients and requests that they get throughout the days. In speaking with her we discussed some of the interior design tips that one could use in their own home, whether it be to get a place ready to rent or to sell or to just spice up your place a bit. 

Have the Outside, In: 

So not only does my friend work as an interior designer but she just moved into a new place. As she was decorating and deciding what would go where, she said that she always needed to have a plant or some type of green in the room. Now if you are more like me and don’t really have too much of a green thumb, there are certain plants that don’t need a lot of attention and only minimal care and can add a pop of green and interesting aesthetic to a room. 

Comfort > Design 

Something that my friend has been noticing about some of the clients, is that they prefer a couch or a chair that fits the room over another chair that similarly fits the room but is much more comfortable. Don’t give up that comfort. Even if you are designing a place for someone else to be in, think of what you would want in a living space or in a nook in the corner of the room. You’d want to be comfortable! And now there are so many cool and chic options without having to give up the comfort aspect. 

Go Online for Inspiration 

My friend shared that one of her favorite things to do was to get online and to explore the pages and pages of other people’s design, looks and styles right from her bed. She said it was where she gets some of her ideas and she plays around with what she sees and adds her own twist. Get lost in a Pinterest board and see where you go down that rabbit hole. You can look up certain designers, or lobbies, or really anything. Use the internet to your advantage and start exploring! 

What are some of your favorite design tips that you have used around your home? Let me know at or if you need assistance in design, I have quite the eye. Maybe we can work on a project together! 

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