Things to Do in Los Angeles in December

 The holidays in Los Angeles can be quite interesting. You see signs of Christmas everywhere but when you look around people are in shorts and bright colors! I have been shocked at how warm it has been this December and I have to admit that I have been a bit thrown off. For some reason, it does not feel like this time of year but it is. And I could not be more excited. 

I love driving around and seeing all of the beautiful Christmas lights all over the city. And while sometimes I enjoy traveling around the holidays, there are a few things to do if you are staying around the Los Angeles area. 

Hit Up Some of the Beaches

Now I know this might sound crazy to some of you but actually, some of the beaches have been experiencing around mid 70 degrees these days, which is perfect enough to wear a big cozy sweater and head out to the beach. Granted, you should in no way get in the water, (too cold!) but to stroll along the beach or even go to a restaurant or two would be ideal. Especially when you consider that the beaches become way less crowded in December. 

Go Ice Skating 

I remember a few years ago, going a few times to an ice skating rink in Pasadena. The entire night was truly magical and it really put me in the Christmas spirit. Everyone is a bit more bundled and I remember an occasional Christmas song player through the loud speaker. There are rinks in Downtown Los Angeles, Burbank and Santa Monica. Plus, it’s a fun activity to do with the kids or grandkids! 



Luzia from Cirque du Soleil starts tomorrow and is playing until February 11, 2018. The theme of this Cirque show happens to be an “imaginary Mexico” or Mexico inspired with a twist. You can enjoy the acrobats and artists in colorful and bright costumes.

The Getty

One of my favorite locations to do a day trip in December! The best part about it, is that it is free! Just have to pay for parking. Not only are the exhibits and the art beautiful and overwhelming but I highly enjoy strolling through the gardens, having a glass of wine and looking out at the lovely views of Los Angeles. You really could just get lost there for hours. 

LA Country Holiday Celebration 

This is another event to really get you in the spirit and it’s free on New Years Eve. The event takes place at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion and is one of the largest holiday celebrations. It includes over 20 choirs, music ensembles and dance troupes from all over the city. It begins at 2:30 and guests are encouraged to come and go as they so please. 

I still can not believe that next Monday will be Christmas Eve, my goodness how time flies. Be sure to enjoy these holiday moments with loved ones and friends. This is the time to recharge and reboot so that we can set aside time to be with our families but also to be ready for the year that is to come so that we can continue with our endeavors and goals and to come back with full strength and restoration!