Tip and Habits for Success – Part One

I have seen this blog to be a platform to not only share real estate related information but information that will help in life as well, which can in turn be also applied to real estate and various other aspects of life. I have been doing research on tips from successful CEOs, talking to friends, and reflecting on my experiences and what I have been able to learn from life and have complied a list of some of these tips and habits. It is essential to strive to better oneself and to push oneself in order to grow. This will be a two part post and the second half will be released on Thursday. There is just so much good advice to share and go around! 

1. Try one new thing every day. 


Now this can seem hard and daunting, but you never really grow and change until you are able to push yourself to try something brand new. Now this can range from a wide range of possibilities from picking up and entirely new sport, instrument, or hobby or can be an easier task such as giving a compliment to someone everyday. Just as long as you are trying something that you have not before, you are reaching this goal. Also just being aware and willing to try new things will shape you to be a better, well rounded person, driven to success. 

2. Attitude is everything. Don’t let yourself have a “bad” day. 


This is not to say that some days will be more challenging than others, trust me, there will be. But if you remember that you can’t control what is going on around you but that you can control your approach and attitude towards certain situations, you will be seeing significantly less “bad” days and be feeling accomplished instead. If you see challenges that arise as simply a task placed before you that you will conquer, instead of coming up with a million excuses of why everyone should feel sorry for you, you will no doubt feel a shift and people will also recognize your driven and positive attitude. And don’t forget, positivity is contagious. 

3. Stay informed with your business or with your field. 

Whether it be in real estate, investing, or any other field you might be involved with, make sure that you are constantly educating yourself. In this fast paced world, you only benefit yourself (and sometimes your wallet) when you stay up to date with the trends and with what is going on in your area of work. With the internet and countless sources of information sitting right in our pockets or purses everyday, there is no excuse to even skim through websites and blog post, such as this one, to read up about what is happening. 

4. Network. Network. Network. 

Functions can sometimes be a hassle or you might not want to make a commute from one part of town to the other, but you should put in the effort. You never know who you are going to meet out. Either someone that you could possibly work with in the future or someone that can share some of their own advice in a casual setting and conversation. Sure, some nights out might be a bust but don’t let that discourage you. Go out, be social, take down phone numbers and most importantly, keep in contact. 

5. Be punctual. 

We all live incredibly busy lives and it goes without saying that traffic can be both a nightmare and unpredictable. An unpredictable nightmare. But being punctual and keeping appointments is crucial. We send a message sometimes without speaking and someone who always is hard is sending the message that other people’s time isn’t valuable or not taken into consideration. I know things come up and many of us are constantly juggling so much, so even if you know you are going to be late to some lunch meeting or an event, it takes almost not time at all to inform others in either sending a text or email. Stay in communication with others….but also, just be on time. 

6. Experiment. Take chances. 

After talking to many of my friends, I realize those that have built empires for themselves have taken chances and haven’t really played it safe. Now, I’m not saying to be reckless with your career or with your money, absolutely not. But calculated risk are important and honestly, recommended. Don’t always follow the rules. Try something new. Take chances. Think outside of the box. Be creative. You’ll be surprised what can happen once you take that leap of faith. 

So those are the first six tips and habits. As previously mentioned, there will be a part two of this post in which I will discuss a few more tips. Hope these were helpful and if you have any additional tips that you think I should add to next week or that you just want to share, feel free to comment or to email me at ijustlisted@gmail.com

Until Thursday!