Why Do I Even Need an Agent?


Why do I even need an agent?

I’m not going to lie; I have heard this phrase a few times. And I think a few people though that agents would become obsolete with the Internet but unlike travel agents, there are things that an agent has to offer that you might not be able to easily Google.

First and foremost, EXPERIENCE. You hire professionals in multiple aspects of your daily life, why not when it comes to making such an important decision of either buying or selling. While you could definitely read up on market trends and neighbor knowledge (which you definitely should), the experience that an agent can bring to the table is invaluable.

Another benefit that goes hand and hand with their experience is SAVING YOU TIME. Nowadays, we are all running around, rushing from point a to point b, with a to do list that is a mile long. An agent can help save you some time. Imagine all the time that they are working to help you either buy or sell, and trust me, a good agent will put in time, saves you time to do whatever else it might be. An agent provides stress relief in high stress situation.


An agent also works as a BUFFER or your LIASON. If you are buying a house, an agent will look into homes that fit your expectations and guidelines, they will contact the homes and set up appointments for you to go and check them out. This could be difficult if you have to keep playing phone tag with the sellers. On the flip side, if you are selling a home, an agent will answers phone calls, make appointments, and might have a better grasp in figuring out which callers are actually interested or who are just lookie-loo’s.

NEGOTIATING SKILLS is one more reason to have an agent by your side. You might think that you have strong negotiating skills and that you’ve been able to make countless of deals in the past, why would this be any different? An agent can fit the role of negotiator better in these types of situations because they are able to remove themselves and might not be as emotionally attached as you are.

Let’s be honest here, no one likes PAPERWORK. And with an agent, you can hand most of it off to them. Plus, if there is a mistake somewhere in the mix, you could end up paying thousands of dollars or even end up in court. Why take the risk for something like that?

The list goes on and on about what agents can bring to the table and offer you. What has your experience been with agents? And as always, feel free to leave a message in the comment section or feel free to contact me at (323) 363-9148 or at ijustlisted@gmail.com.

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